I’m a web developer living and working in Los Angeles CA. I create web applications and interactive type projects. My developer profile is primarily focused on browser-side technologies, asynchronous code and moving pixels around, but I also integrate back-ends and third party API’s. I’ve had the fortune of working closely with great artists and UI experts that have influenced my overall perspective of the web.


Dynamic UI’s, SPA, animation, preprocessors, mobile web, module loaders, templating engines, version control, CLI workflow, process automation, testing, API’s and backend integration.

Musical side

I like to experiment with music using software like Cubase and Ableton Live. You can hear/buy some of my tracks on Band Camp or in iTunes, amazon and popular online media stores. I make sounds that are mostly influenced by electronic music, nu-jazz, acid, break beats, glitch cuts and sampling. My main instruments are guitar, keyboard and whatever object that produces a percussive sound.