Easy Way to Centralize Your VIM configuration Using Dropbox

I recently had to clone my VIM configuration and plugin files to a new computer, but realized that having two copies of everything would not be the most practical thing. So I figured I could store these config files in a single location (shared drive) to share one copy and make it accessible to any of my computers. This way if I customize a file, it would be reflected (synced) everywhere.

What I did was create a folder in my Dropbox local drive, copied all my VIM files there and created a symlink that makes my computer read this folder from Dropbox. The process goes like this:

First, copy all the files from your .vim folder to a folder in your Dropbox or shared drive

Note that I’m not including the dot in ‘.vim’ so the folder is visible.

Create a symlink that points from your Dropbox folder to your $HOME on your computer (where the .vim files usually go).

Now your .vim folder will be read from Dropbox, and using it on a new computer would be as easy as repeating this step.

You can pretty much do the same for your .vimrc file if you wanted the same configuration everywhere.

or for neovim you would do something like:

Or if you want to add specific config lines to a machine, rather than symlinking you can
load the base vimrc from Dropbox and then add your computer specific lines, like this: